If you are experiencing issues with joining or creating a session with your friends, here is a list of things you can try:

  •  clear the cache of the Xbox One system on all consoles you want to create a session with (that means your friends should also clear the cache at their end in order for the fix to work);
  • check your ports and NAT settings - Dying Light is a very NAT-sensitive game;
  • if you have your Internet router set to IPV6, try changing it to IPV4;
  • note that it may be difficult for your console to connect to a Dying Light co-op session twice from the same source (e.g. in the same house/within the same network type). Only one console can connect from a network at a time. However, you can search the Internet for articles on how to set up a DMZ for Xbox One, which may solve the issue at your end.

If none of the above points seem to work, we would like to recommend the latest workaround that has been confirmed to work for a number of users with co-op issues on Xbox One:

Reset your console to factory defaults, as described by Microsoft under the link below, please. When you reach option no.4, select Reset and keep my games & apps, please:


If the above procedure has not fixed the issue at your end, send us a report about it including answers to the following questions, please:

1) How far are you and the other co-op players into the game's story-line - does the game indicate about 93% of progression for any of you?
2) Are you trying to connect to each other on the same Network / in the same house?
3) Do you use Game-Share Dying Light with other players?
4) Which gaming platform is your issue connected with - Xbox One X, Xbox One S or the regular Xbox One console?