Perform the following steps:

-> Open your Start Menu
-> Select Control Panel
-> Choose "Sound"
-> In the "Playback" tab, double-click your default device (most likely "Speakers")
-> Go to the "Advanced" tab
-> Change the "Default Format" to"DVD Quality"

After applying the changes with "OK", reboot your system.



If the above doesn't change anything, check if you are launching the game in the so-called safemode by any chance. Switch it off and see if that helps.

If that is not the case, try launching the game in safemode (minimal settings) and see if it works correctly, please. Here is what you need to do:
• Launch Steam
• Right-click Dying Light
• Choose 'Properties'
• Click 'Set launch options…'
• Enter "-safemode" without quotation marks, as shown below: