Weapon dockets are coupons that you can exchange in the game for unique, top-tier weapons.

Initially, dockets were pre-order bonuses obtained when registering a Dying Light pre-order at dockets.dyinglightgame.com before the end of January 2015.

We sometimes issue new dockets during various community events or at our Gemly storeIt is then possible to transfer them to your game and then exchange them at the Quartermaster's in Dying Light.

To do that, you need to link your Dockets account to the platform you’ll be playing on.

 After your gaming profiles are linked, your weapon dockets can be transferred to your game. In Dying Light, go to the Quartermaster – you’ll meet him within the first hour of the game.

The Quartermaster can be found on the first floor of the Tower. Talk to him to exchange your dockets for unique, top-tier items.

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