( NOTE: for incidents related to a lost account in the sense of progress or save data, look here, please: Lost or deleted save files / character / progress / account )

If you have any issues connected with your Pilgrim Outpost Account, such as account activation, check the SPAM folder in your mailbox, please.

Unfortunately, our newsletters and activation mails often tend to land there.

Should you still have issues with account activation (maybe you've lost the activation link altogether or it just doesn't work), resetting your password or linking your gaming platform to your profile - let us know, please! 

In case you're wondering what to do with the #ERR19974 error code and the "account migration" message, here's how to proceed:

In the window with the message about account migration, select the "Forgot Password" option and the follow the instructions there, please:


If you have the "this platform is already used" error when linking your PSN, Xbox Live or Steam profile under your TechlandGG profile, tell us the following, please:

  • What is your gamertag or SteamID URL (if Steam's your platform), please?
  • Also, what are your other e-mail addresses used for creating Outpost/Dockets/TechlandGG or CompanionApp profiles in the past?
  • Lastly, when was the last time you played Dying Light?

Our team is usually able to fix your Pilgrim Outpost profile within 2 workdays (Mon-Fri), though that time may be longer when there's a large volume of incoming messages.

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