Weapon dockets are coupons that you can exchange in the game for unique, top-tier weapons.

Initially, dockets were pre-order bonuses obtained when registering a Dying Light pre-order at dockets.dyinglightgame.com before the end of January 2015.

We now tend to issue new docket codes at our Social Media or during various community eventsIt is then possible to transfer them to your game and exchange them at the Quartermaster's in Dying Light.

To do that, you need to link your Dockets account at TechlandGG.com to the platform you’ll be playing on.

Having linked your gaming profiles, you'll be able to transfer your redeemed dockets into the game itself. In Dying Light, go to the Quartermaster – you’ll meet him within the first hour of the game. 

The Quartermaster can be found on the first floor of the Tower. Talk to him to exchange your dockets for unique, top-tier items.

Lastly, remember these pro tips:

  • Redeem your codes as soon as possible (due to their expiration date)
  • Some codes unlock more than one docket
  • Follow Dying Light Online (our videos and Social Media posts)
  • Don't use all your dockets at once in the game (the weapons you receive from the Quartermaster are tied to your current experience level, so think about saving some dockets for later - they might come in handy then!)

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