I've purchased a DLC, but the Store tells me to buy it again

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If you've just bought the game and don't have any access to your add-ons, Complete the Prologue (the "First Assignment" quest and a step within that called "Sleep through the Night"), please.
Note that the Enhanced Edition is Dying Light (the main game) + the Season Pass. Having said that, the Season Pass for Dying Light consists of the following items:

1. Cuisine & Cargo - 2 new Quarantine Zones in addition to the currently existing ones in the game (not the menu);

2. The Ultimate Survivor Bundle - extra outfits in the stash (next to the bed in the game) and weapons (to be crafted from the BLUEPRINTS tab in the game, not the Inventory);

3. The Bozak Horde - a new map & gameplay mode accessible through a special poster in one of the Towers in the game.

In addition, Season Pass owners have access to the latest story expansion, The Following.

Also note that, apart from The Following, these DLC's are seamlessly integrated into the game's world and you might not notice them, until you look for specific DLC-related items in-game.

Weapons normally go into the BLUEPRINTS tab in-game (not the Inventory), while outfits can be found in the Player's stash, under their corresponding category.

If you're missing a DLC in your game (not at the online Store), perform the following steps, please:

  • Delete the game completely and re-install it, making sure you have stable internet connection during and after the installation process, so that the game's large critical updates can be downloaded and successfully applied.
    The above process will not delete your current progress.

  • Additionally, if you use an external hard-drive, uninstall the game, disconnect that drive and re-install the game on the default hard-drive of your system, please.

  • If you're an Xbox One user with the old version of the game still installed on your system and you've recently bought the Enhanced Edition in addition to the current game, delete the game and any Dying Light-related item completely, then re-install it from your new Enhanced Edition disc, please.

  • PS4 users experiencing DLC-related issues should also try out the following options, if the above methods do not change anything:
#1. Open your PS4's SETTINGS, select PSN, select RESTORE LICENSES, click OK, go to MY LIBRARY on PS4, you now get the download option for your content and the download should start.


#2. Sign in to your store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com account and initiate the download process directly from there.

See also: Can't play The Following - it takes me to the regular campaign in the Slums

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