Before you begin, make sure you are installing the game from an Administrator's account.

1. Ins
ert Disc 1 into your computer's DVD drive. A window will appear asking you to choose your installation language. If the window does not appear within a short time, double-click the Computer icon from your Windows® desktop, double-click the DVD drive icon and, finally, the Setup.exe file icon.

2. Having selected your language, an installation window will appear. Select the "Install Dying Light" option. If Steam® client software is not installed at this point, the app will suggest installing it. During the installation procedure, you may be asked to allow the Steam® client software to launch. Please confirm your permission for the software to launch. Moreover, the window will display a request to sign into your existing Steam® account or to create a new one.

3. Having installed the Steam® client software, you will be asked to insert the product's code. The code can be found on a separate code sheet.

4. After the installation has finished, Dying Light should appear in the Steam® Library section under installed games.

5. Following the game's installation process, large, critical updates are going to be downloaded and applied, so make sure you have stable connection when installing (and playing) the game.

 Double-click the name of the game in order to launch it. If you agreed to create short-cuts on your desktop and in the Start menu, you can likewise launch the game by means of these short-cuts.

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