Get a taste of the Night Hunter’s invasion, Dying Light’s asymmetric multiplayer experience. All online players can face the threat of a possible invasion of their game by the Night Hunter, an extremely powerful zombie mutation – playable in the Be the Zombie mode. Watch a team of Harran survivors fight for their lives as they are hunted down by this ultimate zombie predator. The Mode is available to all players free of charge, as part of the main game.

Since The Bozak Horde update, we have introduced a number of changes to the Be the Zombie mode, the most noticeable one being an expanded zombie skill tree. Press the mutate button in the upper right corner to spend your skill points.

Be the Zombie appears in Dying Light: The Following as well to unveil a new dimension of 4v1 online matches. Thanks to the dirt buggies and new environment, the competitive gameplay gets much more dynamic and violent. That means both survivors and the Night Hunter will have to come up with completely new tactics to prevail! We’ve also introduced a number of balance tweaks to the Night Hunter, which translates into an experience that will feel fresh even to veteran Be the Zombie players.

Good Night. Good Hunt.