When it comes to docket codes, make sure you have successfully redeemed a given docket at the techlandgg.com website, please. 

If you experience problems connected with obtaining dockets or CompanionApp items, visit techlandgg.com and sign in, please, then hover over your Profile sign in the top right-hand corner and select the CONNECT ACCOUNT tab.

Next, you will see information about your linked accounts.

After that, click a linked account and unlink it, please.

Lastly, link your chosen account, the same way you did it the first time.

If you have run into trouble when linking your gaming platform to your Dockets profile (Error: "this platform is already used"), look here, please: Account ACTIVATION / Password Reset / Platform Linking issues 

In addition to the above, at the bottom of the Main Menu screen in Dying Light, you can see if you are connected to Techland Servers. Make sure it says that Techland Servers are online, please. You can only receive dockets when the game is online. If your NAT type is Moderate, you will need to set it to Open NAT - Dying Light is a very NAT-sensitive game.

Also, if your game is set to Hard or Nightmare Mode, switch your save file to Normal Mode, please.

When you send items from your Companion App, make sure your game is running while you are doing it, please. Otherwise, the items might have some problems reaching your game's profile and they will probably appear in-game at a much later time.

Lastly, check if the account that you created at the website is the same as the one you linked through the Companion App, please. 

Having said all that, a lot of docket codes found on the Net no longer work now - they have simply expired. We tend to issue new codes during our occasional social events, though. To be up-to-date and always have the latest information on new releases, follow our official FaceBook page, YouTube channel and Twitter Account.