Dying Light WON'T LAUNCH - I press Play, but nothing happens

Modified on Sun, 12 Dec, 2021 at 4:38 PM

The issue may stem from broken or missing .dll files.

If the msvcr100 file is missing, download Visual Studio 2010 (VC++ 10.0) at https://download.microsoft.com/download/A/8/0/A80747C3-41BD-45DF-B505-E9710D2744E0/vcredist_x64.exe

If the msvcr110 is missing, download Visual Studio 2012 (VC++ 11.0) at https://download.microsoft.com/download/1/6/B/16B06F60-3B20-4FF2-B699-5E9B7962F9AE/VSU_4/vcredist_x64.exe

Additionally, try logging out of Steam and sign back in.

Unplug any external devices, such as a camera, from your USB ports, please. See if the game launches correctly after that. In addition, try downgrading your video driver version to an older one, as the latest drivers are often incompatible with older games.

Also, make sure your PC meets the game's minimum system requirements, please.

Some types of software and processes on computers are likewise known to be conflicting with games and Steam. Visit Steam's FAQ on interfering programs, please. As suggested by Valve, "even if you do not find any programs that might be causing an issue, please verify your game files and try running the game again".

If you've tried all of the above and it still doesn't work, send us a message and attach a DirectX Diagnostic file generated on your system along with a few of the game's Crash Log files :

DxDiag stands for DirectX Diagnostic tool, which collects  information about your computer hardware, operating system and installed drivers.

Whenever you meet a crash, low performance or some graphical issues - this information is important for troubleshooting.

The file does not contain any personal information, so it's fine to make it publicly available.


  • Here are the steps for you to follow in order to generate the file:

 1. Open the Windows desktop.
  2. Press Win+R on your keyboard (the Windows key and the key together) to open the Run window.
  3. In the "Open:" field of the Run window, type in dxdiag.
  4. Click OK or the Enter key to open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
  5. If prompted to check if your drivers are digitally signed, select Yes.
  6. In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window, click the Save All Information option.
  7. In the "Save As" window, information should be saved as a text (.txt) file.
  8. Choose a directory where the file will be saved and press the "Save" option.
  9. It's usually more convenient to use an accessible directory, such as your Desktop.
  10. Now you can send us your dxdiag.txt file in a ticket form.

  •  Crash Log files, on the other hand, are created when launching the game. Even though their name suggests crashing, they also help us identify issues completely unrelated to crashes or freezes, which is why we would like you to send them to us. To find the Log files, go to:
    C:\Users\USER_NAME\My Documents\DyingLight\out\logs\crash_??????_?????????.log

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